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Goat chili cheese fries, fish tostadas (fried whitefish. shallot aioli, chickpeas onion salad), and deep-fried pig’s tail with pickled radish @ Little Goat in West Loop with @sputnikhearts!! ♥♥♥ Unfortunately spent dinner harried and distracted because a work crisis surfaced 30 minutes before our reservation ㅜㅜ ㅜㅜ but I’m super happy I managed to catch Kara before she continued en route to Colorado!


5 Inexpensive restaurants in Berlin on a Travelers Budget 

Berlin is known for being one of the least expensive cities in Europe. Making it one of Europe’s largest travelers attraction as one can sleep, eat, and party for cheap. During my month in Berlin I was able to try a couple of great places that were all under 15 euros, which is pretty awesome compared to Paris or London. As I am quite the foodie, and love to try almost any delicacy, I gathered 5 delicious restaurants for a travelers budget (in some of Berlin’s coolest neighborhoods). 

  1. DönerCheapest and most delicious bite you can get in Neukölln.
    Price: 2 euros. 
    Location: Corner of Hermannstraße and Warthestraße.
  2. Burgermeister: Burger lovers, be prepared to eat your heart out.
    Price: under 10 euros.
    Location: Oberbaumstraße 8
  3. Green Rice: Perfect midday lunch break in Kreuzburg.
    Price: under 10 euros.
    Location: Adalbertstraße 11 
  4. Santa Maria: Mexican lovers get your tastebuds ready!
    Price: 5 - 15 euros.
    Oranienstraße 170
  5. Cocolo Ramen: If you like ramen, this will be your new home.
    Price: 10 - 15 euros.
    Locations: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39, and Gipsstraße 3

Enjoy these delicious bites at a fraction of the rest of European prices and have fun exploring what I think is one of the most exciting cities right now.

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Goat Cheese Mousse w/Roasted Blueberries | Savory Simple na We Heart It.

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